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My purpose is to re-connect you to your personal strengths and inner power, and help you grow as a conscious human being, achieving a truly satisfying life experience; where each day your thoughts, actions, and talents are all working in positive tandem to create the life you truly want. Mentoring, Healing, Natural Health Modalities, Psychotherapy, and Counseling are the professional tools which I bring to your healing process.

My intention is that your Healing and personal development be an empowering process, guiding you to resolution in challenges you are facing. Encouraging you to grow in all areas of your life in work and at play. Inspiring you to feel more motivated and energized. The Healing modalities I use in sessions work because they are powerful methods, but for healing to take place it requires your commitment to the process as I hone in on your individual needs.

As a seasoned therapist working with people who are dealing with life challenges, my focus is to guide you to create a positive shift in your life. People come to me for various reasons. To name a few – relationships, divorce, health, abuse, body image, cancer, codependency, work, leadership, community, loss, or even healing into death. It may be a time in which they are struggling to cope with the challenge they are facing. That may be a relationship or a past experience that has left them feeling ‘stuck’ and unable to move on. It could be a health challenge, or a work challenge they find themselves in. Or they could be at a turning point looking for direction. Some people come for sessions simply because they want to grow as individuals, learn more about themselves and lead fuller, enriched lives.

Together we go through the process of identifying the physical site of any emotional or physical pain. Many phrases we use in everyday life actually suggest where an emotion really does affect you physically. Everyone has heard of 'heartache’ - it really does hurt! Your boss or co-worker might be ‘a pain in the neck'. Perhaps you ‘feel sick’ of your circumstances. Even being ‘pissed off’ with a person could be a warning sign. Carrying these emotions effect the quality of your life and hold you back, and If they are not released this could later appear in your body as pain or illness. Holding on to a past trauma, carrying the weight of that trauma, or a break-up and suffering could indeed manifest as pain or illness. Working beyond painful past experiences, and releasing you from your old ‘holding patterns’ can instead help you expand and flourish.

To help you move on I provide Mentoring, together with innovative Healing methods in individual sessions or group work. This may include one or more of the following modalities, guided imagery, meditation, breath work, past life regression, dream work, aromatherapy, colour therapy, bio-energetics, reflexology, auric energy work “laying of hands” Bach remedies, or card readings. The core of your issue is identified in the process, and then addressed. The Healing process releases you from negative past experiences and brings you a new found freedom in the present.

In a session I bring through Healing energy to raise your ‘vibration’ and re-balance your system, supporting at the same time your Personal Growth and Development, which is necessary to sustain the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shifts which Healing brings.
After years of guiding individuals and groups in their healing and transformation, and my own personal healing experiences, I am convinced that we can go through any of life’s challenges and come out the other end richer, wiser human beings with more meaningful lives.

Who is Suzanna Marcus?

Suzanna Marcus MCOH, HMNFSH, is an Internationally recognized healer, a psychotherapist and Mentor with over 20 years professional experience, who travels the globe leading individuals and groups in personal growth and transformation.

In her Holistic practice which embraces individuals and groups, Suzanna uses her many years experience with a culmination of extensive training in energy healing, psychotherapy, counseling, complimentary medicine, mystics, and the visual arts.

This varied background has provided Suzanna with a rich palette of rich gifts, offering you a unique healing experience. Dedicated to raising levels of consciousness, Suzanna awakens you to the path of creative Divinity, which exists within each one of us and connects you to your full potential.

Suzanna’s book

6 Months to Live 10 Years Later: A Healing Journey with Guidance for a Healthy Vibrant Life.

Read Suzanna’s book and be inspired by her story. Learn how to create well being and live a vibrant life.

See a YouTube video of Suzanna giving an impromptu reading from her book in California.
Read more about it.

Personal issues are addressed, and principals of Spiritual Wisdom are used for your self- development and healing:

Love: Connect on a divine level to self and create a deeper sense of love in relationships around you.

Power: Yes you can! Build discipline to create a wonderful life. Power is at its most potent when wrapped in love!

Focus: Using your higher will and Intent, create a flow directing your energy clearly towards your goal.

Unity: Release stubbornness and resistance to peace and feel whole with yourself and the Universe.

Truth: Mystical teachings: “Things are never what they seem”

Creativity: Live authentically and express your genuine self. Release limitations to experience abundance on all levels

Receiving: For every act, there is a Karmic lessons or Tikun. The lessons of receiving and giving are an in and out breath creating the circle of life.

Reality: Energy follows thought. Create your reality.

Areas of your life which Suzanna will empower you in include:

Relationships: Enjoy a loving relationship with yourself and those around you.

Health: Promote your health by strengthen your physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

Spirituality: Raise your level of awareness and be more effective living consciously.

Discipline: Connect to source and create order out of chaos.  With Focus and intent reach your goals.

Career: Find the path that touches your heart. Release limitations and achieve abundance on all levels.

Community: Make a difference in the world around you.

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