Suzanna has devoted the past 25 years to spiritual development & growth, and continues to pass her knowledge on to others as a Holistic Mentor, therapist and Healer. She counsels individuals in their personal and work life, partners and couples, leaders and managers, groups and teams, helping them to move to new levels of self-awareness and growth. She enhances people’s ability to show up authentically and to gain a heightened sense of well- being, inner harmony and interpersonal effectiveness at work, at home, at play and in relationships.

Suzanna is a graduate of the College of Healing, England, and a Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. She has studied Counseling, Healing and Mystics in depth with Masters worldwide. Suzanna is professionally qualified in Naturopathic healing modalities amongst them- Aromatherapy, Bio Energetics, Reflexology, Healing Nutrition, Meditation, flower and Bach Remedies. In addition she is also a graduate of the School of Channeling UK, and a graduate of the Avni College of Art, Israel. Her experience is a culmination of extensive training in spiritual healing, holistic medicine, counseling, mystics and visual arts. This background has provided Suzanna with a rich palette and particular gifts, offering a unique healing experience.

Healing and guidance is powerful and can create breakthroughs whereby you move onto a new path in your life. The sessions deal with challenges your are facing, and helps you answer the questions: How did the problem come about? What is needed to change in your life on all levels in order to solve the problem you are facing? How are you holding back the process of change, and how can you contribute to the necessary shift that has to take place in order to live a satisfying, joyful, healthy life.

Suzanna was diagnosed with stage III cancer and given only six months to live. After deep introspection, she chose to heal herself naturally - without the help of conventional chemical treatment. Her unsuccessful search for an author who could inspire her, led to a determination to write her own book and use her experience in order to inspire others. Suzanna looked deep within, and realized that her she had to rid herself of internal and external pollution, and her reaction to past traumas had allowed her immune system to weaken. She created a path to heal herself by detoxing her mind and body. The result was 6 Months to Live 10 Years Later: An Extraordinary Healing Journey and Guide to Well Being, published in December 2007. Today, 18 years after the initial prognosis, Suzanna is completely well. Suzanna is a motivational lecturer and leads experiential workshops around the world to empower participants to move on to a higher level of consciousness and lead a vibrant life of well-being. Born in the UK, Suzanna has three adult children and is currently based in Israel.


“You have helped bring forth the blossoming inner child of my own soul and set me on a new and exciting path. It has been wonderful to meet you, share with you, and learn from you. Thank you Suzanna”

"I immediately felt the warmth of Suzanna’s caring personality. Over the course of several counselling sessions, I was introduced to psycho spiritual tools, such as meditation, and guidance that have produced long-term results and positive changes in the way I interact with friends and family. Suzanna is intuitive, insightful and wise - a powerful combination that allows each individual to receive the best advice possible. Suzanna offers a portal to one's higher self, where self-discovery, exploration and understanding await us. I encourage her professional and caring services."

Debra Keiz, MD

Suzanna is a Healer with the gift of Divine Power. When she puts her hands above me she takes away from me all the negativity that is within me, physically, mentally and emotionally. Her power is not from a place of ego. Suzanna works with a deep connection of Universal Power and is a pure medium through which flows healing energy.
When Suzanna talks something in people seems to open up in their self awareness and their level of consciousness rises. They open to the knowledge of their own power and to love and be loved. Suzanna talks with an unusual directness of the process that she herself went through, which is inspiring for anyone that meets her. Wherever she
goes people gather around her and want to hear more, to receive more. She is truly inspirational.

Miri Naveh,
Evolutionary Coach. MBA

Being a therapist of over 40 years doesn't make it easy to find a therapist. I found in Suzanna a healer who was able to create the ground work for mending a long time rift between my son and myself. Suzanna is a therapist of "once upon a time". Suzanna used her own life experiences, her wisdom, her intuition and her sensitivity to help me use experiences to create transformations. What I really like about Suzanna is that she confronts me. Being an "intelligent" therapist has many times led me to develop my own defenses, which have let me stay stuck. Suzanna in her very genuine way confronts me with paradigms that have kept me bound to the past. I am going through the most difficult time of my life with the illness of a family member. And I don't feel alone.

H.R. PhD

I received so much from participating in this group work with Suzanna especially as a therapist myself ; The ability to listen and not to take over the identity as the ‘therapist’ but simply to be present and listen. This is a new experience for me. I received tools for my personal work with myself to grow and develop. I acknowledged the process that I went through and the wonderful help I received to go through this process which took me further on in my life. Thank you Suzanna

A. T. MS

This course work was brought to us from a high level of understanding and awareness. The experience was a very special experience for me and allowed me to open up and go forward in my life releasing so much from the past, gaining tools that I can take home and use everyday. The group experience was wonderful and the sense of Unity. Suzanna is an excellent ray of light in her teachings and healing work. Thank you Suzanna.


I participated in Suzanna's workshop and my life was transformed! ‬
I did not feel good about myself and my body (I am slim), I was alone, I had no steady job and generally no direction. ‬
A few weeks into the course I met a guy (who I actually knew before but nothing happened until then) and this amazing relationship started, we've been living together very happily for close to a year. Soon after, I was offered an amazing job which I started immediately and we moved into a lovely new little home near the beach. All these changes appeared, my life is very different today compared to when I started the course. My body image and general feelings towards myself have changed, making the way I understand myself and the world around me very different and thus, changing my life in a very profound way. ‬