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6 Months to Live 10 Years Later
A Healing Journey with Guidance for a healthy vibrant life
by Suzanna Marcus

I’m delighted to say eighteen amazing years have passed since the original prognosis. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this even happened to me at all. Yet the writing of this book gave witness to what did occur in my life, and how in my view the disease came about, and the way I overcame the prognosis. It is true that this is my story, but you see it is also everyone’s story: Your script may be different, but we all face challenging situations at some time or the other.

When I was given 6 months to live I looked for a book that would inspire me. There were plenty of instructive ones out there, but my mind just could not get around them with the shock of the situation. What I wanted to know was what had happened to that person before they became ill which took them to a place of facing such a challenge, and how then after the diagnosis they healed. I could not find such a book, so I promised that when I overcame the prognosis, I would write the book inspiring people who are facing life’s challenges. ‘6 Months to Live 10 Years Later: A Healing Journey with Guidance for a Healthy vibrant life’ was the outcome of that promise.

I’m most grateful to have received so much support in my writing, and thank you readers for your heartfelt response. I put my heart into the writing, which took 5 years to complete. There is a wake up call encoded into every page of this book, for everyone. If you are enjoying good health don’t wait until stressful life situations have taken you over, or until you become sick. Instead be aware now while your in good health, and use your challenges in life as a training ground to grow, as a boot camp for your self-development. For those of you who are facing life challenging situations and disease, this book is here to inspire, empower, and guide you to do something now about your situation.

Taking a deep breath I exposed my life story and stood emotionally naked to put the point over: We really can get over anything and come out of it wiser, more loving, and more powerful human beings. In the second half of the book there are simple methods to release issues that are holding you back in life. These are not only for those who are facing health challenges but also for those of you who are well and want to develop and grow towards your own self-realization.

Creating that inner peace was vital to the process. The meditations and visualizations provided are tools to relax and release whatever is standing in your way of becoming a joyful, healthy, abundant human being. These simple yet powerful methods can free you from the wave of slow old patterns of behavior and emotions, so that you may fulfill your potential in any area of your life that you chose to focus upon.

I remind you that this path is not a magic wand. It demands your commitment to yourself and to your life. So first of all you have to ask yourself if you are really willing to focus on your own self -development. Is your intention truly to grow and go forward? The methodology is simple. The commitment to your vibrant life is your path to freedom.

Working in the field of healing and personal development for many years prior to the diagnosis, I was equipped in my hour of need with tools to heal and put together my program of healing against conventional wisdom.
I put my heart into these pages and the floodgates opened not only for myself but for so many others. May this book and the energy it brings serve as inspiration and guidance for you. The choice is yours, and as the Mystic and Master Healer DC from the deep heart of Wales graciously said in his endorsement,
”This book offers you a key to open a lock“
Please use it.
With love,

Youtube link: Suzanna reading from her book in California USA:



Description of the book

Herein is a “How To realize your full potential of a healthy happy vital life”, written by a woman who has been there and done it. The story that unfolds contains the entire spectrum of human drama; from, abuse, betrayal, tragedy, loss, and finally cancer, to awakening, Enlightenment, Transformation and Healing. This book is more than a riveting memoir, it is also rich with teachings on many different levels. A practical guide not only for those who face life challenges in health, relationships, work, or faith, but also for those who are well and want to remain so. Suzanna takes us through her story to the path of Well Being with the knowledge and experience she has gained as spiritual healer and teacher of transformation for over 20 years, together with her own very personal journey.”

Youtube link: Suzanna reading from her book:


When Suzanna Marcus was diagnosed with Cancer Conventional wisdom urged her to ‘wage war’ upon the disease. Instead the author looked within and strived to make peace, both with herself and with her past. The end result is a candid, involving and incredible true story.

In the first part of the book, Suzanna shares her traumatic experiences of violence, loss and betrayal. In doing so she clearly illustrates how the seeds of suppressed pain, guilt and fear are able to take root within the body. The second part of the book reveals the tools and techniques the author utilized to facilitate her remarkable recovery. These include some marvelous, easy-to-follow meditations, useful dietary details and a wealth of insightful advice. This book is a wonderful resource and emphasizes the importance of living in the present and staying true to yourself. Suzanna’s story will inspire and empower anyone who is seeking to improve their health.

Robert Millett, ‘Healing Today Magazine’. UK.
December 2008 issue.

Foreword by Muhammad Ali

I was drawn to this heroic journey because it is a story that transcends race, color, gender and religion, and because I admire Suzanna’s courage.

Like me, Suzanna has faced challenges and adversity in her life. And, like myself, she has overcome the struggles that life brings and found peace and happiness in living each day to its fullest. That, in itself, is a rare goal many of us never achieve. Her journey illuminates the path for all who dare to surrender to what is true. Suzanna’s book gives us the insight into one woman’s life and the powerful lessons she was willing to accept. Suzanna moves through her fragile existence and healing experiences to a new life as a whole and healthy being. Her words guide us to a spiritual place of inner freedom that exists within each one of us, if we have the courage to look deep within.

I encourage all to read Suzanna’s words with an open mind and an open heart. Healing on all levels is possible, bringing peace and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. As you move through this human, yet spiritual experience, allow Suzanna’s healing journey to become your own.
Muhammad Ali
Berrien Springs. USA

What others are saying about the book

“A gleaming jewel of a book spanning continents, cultures, and many lives lived in just one lifetime. “Six months to live 10 Years Later”, offers a miraculous journey from hell to wholeness, and a 'how to be reborn when you are dying.' A must read.

- Rosy Shuster; Los Angeles, CA, USA. Writer, Two time Emmy Award for Saturday Night Live, USA.

“The honesty and courage in this book shine through every page. Suzanna instils hope, that it is possible to deal directly with all kinds of adversity”.

- Karen Alkalay-Gut, Tel Aviv, Israel, Senior lecturer, Department of English Literature, Tel Aviv University, author and poet: So Far so Good.

“Everyone should read this inspiring book, written by a beautiful and courageous woman. Suzanna points the way to light.”

- Letha Hadady, author: The Complete Guide to Asian Herbal Medicine; New York, USA

Suzanna  is a woman of great integrity and courage. “6 months to live 10 years later,” is a powerful call to all of us to stay alert and responsible, and at all levels of our being. Its strength lies not in advocating any one method of treatment, but in showing us the crucial importance of making our own, informed choice. At this time in the world the need for personal, corporate and collective responsibility, at all levels, has never been stronger. Suzanna's book stands clearly and strongly in the growing wave of that call.”

- Nicholas Janni, Bedford, UK, Visiting Fellow, Cranfield School of Management; Associate Director, Olivier Mythodrama Associates

For patients, Cancer signifies a death sentence of misery and suffering. For physicians, Cancer connotes fear, a disease you don't want to miss, one that means the end of the road.” 6 months to live” goes against conventional advice, the story of a brave woman who stood against all odds in a journey that few dare to take. Doctors and patients alike should be aware of a patient's option to take charge of her life, and to decide her own options from an environment of total chaos.

As a family physician and educator who integrates complementary medicine, up until a few years ago it was taboo to mix complementary and traditional medicine with cancer patients.
Suzanna's journey forced me to open my eyes. Her journey changed my outlook and my approach to cancer and its treatment.

“6 months to live 10 years later ” opens a window into a very personal individual journey that can be thought provoking for anyone confronting cancer—patient, family member, friend, or the professional who is treating the disease

- Dr. Moshe Frenkel, MD
Associate Professor, Medical Director
Department of Integrative Medicine for Cancer
MD Anderson Cancer Center: Houston, Texas, USA

Here is a woman who walks her talk and inspires within us our connection to the ‘Divine Feminine.' Thank you, Suzanna, for being our messenger, for reminding us to become intimate with the genius of our own bodies, to integrate the wisdom of our hearts, and of our intellectual understanding. Your book is graced, and a guide to all of us as we stand on the threshold of a New World.

- Mary Aver, UK. Organizational Consultant. Visiting lecturer at Cranfield School of Management, UK; Seer, Healer.

This book is an inspiration for all. It shows how finding your levels of self-empowerment can provide the motivation to take control of your life and make your choices for your own future. Suzanna Marcus has applied some of the principles of her own training as a healer, ‘physician, heal thyself.' We know first-hand the guts it took for Suzanna to be where she is now. We both admire Suzanna’s 100-percent dedication to the unorthodox and unique journey that she has chosen to take. What faith!

- Ann and Tony Neate, Malvern, UK
Retired Principals and Co-founders
College of Healing, England
Author: Channelling for Everyone:

“A searlingly honest account of one woman’s brave refusal to give up or to give in.” 

- Yanky Fachler, Ireland. Motivational Speaker. Author: Fire in the Belly

“Suzanna's book offers hope, understanding, and practical inspiration to balance the higher and lower purpose through understanding. It is the key to the lock of reflective knowledge within, a lock that can be opened, used, and understood.”

- David Cousins, Wales, Spiritual Master, mystic, healer, and lecturer, author: A Handbook for Light Workers

10 years ago, I had the privilege of meeting the true, tall and majestic looking Suzanna, she reminds me that the person with the illness is the healer by showing everybody how to live and love despite afflictions. Today, in times of personal agony and physical pain I think of Suzanna standing tall and courageously on a mountain top, her long hair blowing in the desert wind, and my will to a speedy recovery is immediately boosted. My image of Suzanna serves as a reminder that it is my duty to maintain, and with great love and tenderness, my body that is entrusted to me as a temple.

Suzanna’s is a gift and inspiration to everyone. Her voice of guidance and transformation deserves to be heard around the globe.

- Mike Fliederbaum, USA/Israel/Europe
International Businessman.

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